World Shakuhachi Festival 2022
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The World Shakuhachi Festival 2022, China

World Shakuhachi Festival (WSF)
WSF2022 Opening time
2022WSF Opening Ceremony
2022WSF Opening Ceremony
Wan Qu Zhi Shen
Oceanside Amphitheatre
The WSF 2022 opening ceremony will be held at the Wan Qu Zhi Shen OceansideAmphitheatre in Bao An, Shenzhen. The theatre will be finished construction in July of 2021. Centrally located and easy to access by public transit.
2022WSF Closing Ceremony
2022WSF Closing Ceremony
Bao An Bamboo Colosseum

The WSF 2022 closing ceremony will be held at the Bao An Bamboo Colosseum. The Colosseum was designed with a "Bamboo Forest"concept, and is well suited to hostvarious types of international events and large gatherings.
Shakuhachi Venue transportation
The traffic time is 30 minutes
Highlights of the Festival
Lessons / Workshops

History and Background of the Shakuhachi

The shakuhachi is a Japanese vertical bamboo flute with five finger holes, four in the front and one thumbhole....

We Cordially Invite You To The World Shakuhachi Festival 2022 In China

The 8th World Shakuhachi Festival (WSF) will be held in Shenzhen, China, from August 17th to 22nd in 2022...

The shakuhachi

The shakuhachi was introduced into Japan around the end of the 7th century AD and evolved through a series of modifications, reaching its present form during the 17th century....

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